We wanted to put a ductless mini split in the garage

Since the kids were born, I absolutely didn’t have to worry about somebody trying to take something out of my two-car garage.

That’s because the garage was a dumpster fire and smelled really toxic most of the time.

Even if a thief had broken into the garage, he wouldn’t have lasted an hour given how nasty it was. Back then, leaving the quality heating and air of my home to go into the garage was just not something I did! That’s all on me really at the end of the day. The garage just sort of got out of hand and became a dumping ground for all the junk that every one of us didn’t toss out, and it also became the storage area for all the stuff that needs gas and oil! When you mix all that together, the odor was just quite noxious; but basically, it was just a complete and total mess. It was embarrassing and I never opened the garage door if I could help it. However, this just simply had to come to an end, so I whipped open the garage door and tried to attack what I could. Having cleaned out the garage finally, I decided it was time to do more than just clean, so I organized our gear, threw out the stuff that needed to be tossed out and tried to start fresh. The more I worked on the garage, the more I realized that this could be my own space. So I stopped and called the heating as well as the A/C supplier to have them come out and install a ductless heat pump. This was a brilliant move. Now I have a charming garage with excellent heating as well as A/C cooling in the Summer and charming heating in the winter.
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