We’re back in touch again

It is funny how you can meet old friends again when you don’t expect it.

There are a lot of times all of us meet people, plus unless they become best friends, you usually lose touch with them.

Back when I was in high college, 1 of our closer classmates plus I became friends. I wouldn’t say all of us were attached at the hip, although I did look forward to talking to him everyday. He was in our math class, plus since this style of math was plus still is our worst subject, he was a nice distraction from the chaos the old school professor would write on the board. Since he was slightly better at math than I was, it helped. Well eventually all of us both graduated plus went our separate ways. I went to HVAC college right away plus later on became a certified HVAC specialist. It didn’t take myself and others long to go out and find a job finally working as a HVAC specialist, plus then our mornings became a terrible blur of mostly the same. I arrived at work, went to the tied up HVAC appointments, fixed heating plus a/cs, then went to the next appointment, rinse plus repeat. However, 1 random day life threw myself and others a curveball. When I arrived at 1 guy’s furnace repair appointment, I was so surprised to see it was our old friend! While I worked on his heating unit, all of us happily caught up plus laughed about old times. After I was done all of us exchanged numbers plus I was in a positive mood the entire day.



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