Why I installed a new smart thermostat with zone control in our refurbished home.

When our partner Jen and I purchased our home over 8 years ago, both of us knew that both of us would be making renovations in order for it to be as energy efficient as possible.

  • Jen and I installed double panes in the windows, LED lighting, ceiling fans, and also both of us installed a smart thermostat with zone control.

Our new smart thermostat is hooked up to wireless data and can be controlled through the app on your iphone, pc, or tablet. A smart thermostat is programmable so that we can set your a/c to run when we need it, and leave it off when you don’t. The ability to control the Heating plus Air Conditioning system from anywhere is good because we will no longer leave the a/c on when we leave the home, and if our schedule is consistent, we can have our a/c turn on and off automatically according to our family’s needs… Zone control functionality brings the ability to fully program your a/c to only operate in the room or rooms of your choosing at any given time! Valves located in the air duct open and close according to the setting, meaning that your Heating plus Air Conditioning system won’t have to job as hard to heat the whole house if it’s not needed, saving your system from now working too strenuously and therefore saving you hundreds on your utility bills. A smart thermostat with zone control is a great update to any home, and can usually be installed with minimal change to the existing Heating plus Air Conditioning system, making it a smart investment to any home, current or old, especially if you want to increase the efficiency of your heating and a/c.

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