Why is my air conditioner whistling?

My air conditioner has been making this strange whistling sound lately.

The sound is almost imperceivable but it is there.

If I’m watching TV or busy doing other things, I can’t really hear the whistling sound. But when I’m trying to fall asleep at night, the sound is very distracting. The whistling noise only starts up when the air conditioner kicks on. It’s not a constant sound. I think that makes it even more annoying. If it whistles constantly, I could probably learn to tune it out. It’s making me feel like I’m going crazy. The rest of my family says that they can’t even hear the noise. But I haven’t been getting a good night’s sleep in over a week so I decided to call up our air conditioning supplier. The HVAC technician came out and simply readjusted the little door that closes in the air filter. As soon as he did that, the whistling sound stopped. Apparently my husband had not closed the little door correctly when he changed the filter last week. Air rushing through the little gap in the door is what was causing that whistling noise. I’m glad it was such an easy fix but I wish I had thought to try opening and closing the air conditioning vent door myself. It would have saved me a little bit of money. At least I know I wasn’t crazy, though. That sounds really existed even if no one else could hear it. I hope I get a good night’s sleep tonight. I bet I will since the sound is gone.

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