Why is our a/c blasting hot air?

One of the more frustrating things in the world is when you turn on the a/c on a hot day in the dead of summer, only to be blasted by warm, stale air coming from your a/c vents.

Having hot air blasting from your a/c can be uncomfortable, even preventing some people from being able to sleep through the night.

One of the reasons your a/c might be blowing hot air is your air filter. Air conditioner air filters can become obstructed over time with dander, dust and debris, and if the blockage becomes too thick, it can prevent your a/c from respectfully circulating and cooling the air in your home. Most Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals request changing your air filter every 3 to 6 months, especially if you have pets. Another reason your a/c could be blowing hot air is because of a hard freeze. If your a/c has frozen up, then the coolant cannot circulate throughout the system respectfully, which results in your component blowing hot air into your home, but giving your a/c respected time to thaw could let the coolant be able to redistribute the heat from your home in order to cool off the air inside your home. Another reason your a/c is blowing hot air could be because you are running low on coolant. If your Heating plus Air Conditioning system doesn’t have enough coolant, then it will be impossible for your component to cool the air inside your home. It is pressing that a pro Heating plus Air Conditioning service tech is the 1 dealing with the coolant in your system, as Heating plus Air Conditioning coolant can pose a big risk to the handler plus the environment. Contact your local Heating plus Air Conditioning provider ASAP if your a/c is blowing hot air and have the problem fixed in time for summer.


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