Winter morning work out

In the cold winters the first thing I like to do in the morning so long as it is not freezing, is to go and take a morning run.

Running on a cold but not freezing winter day is great and helps get the blood pumping and the body warm.

But the best part about coming back from these morning work out runs is my central heating system! I always set the thermostat on the wall to around 74 degrees this time of the year, and after doing that running and working up a small sweat in the cold, coming in to that central heating system with the thermostat set at 74 degrees is really refreshing. It also helps so that I do not get sick from having some sweat in me while being out in the freezing cold. It sort of evens things out. I have one of the best central heating and air conditioning systems on the market today. And it was not easy saving up for this HVAC unit. But when I finally did, it was like a milestone! I felt like I just won the lottery. And with the morning runs I take, I am glad that I have it. Because my old central heating and air conditioning system’s heating would have never been able to be as nice as the heating is now. That would effect my morning running work out that I do. In the summer time I take a break from the morning work outs because it is way too hot.


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