Woke up to a loud bang in the night

No one knew it was going to be an eventful night.

  • All of us had dinner together, which was different from what both of us were used to.

Mom wanted to restore the formal routine, so he instructed us to be present at the dinner table at 7. The lockdown had been extended, and there was no hope of eating out anytime soon. We all had dinner, watched some TV, then went to bed. At around midnight, we were woken up by a loud bang. At first, we were scared it was a gas explosion, however it wasn’t. The AC system had blown up, causing us to run in panic! Mom went to check and found the outdoor heating and a/c unit in pieces. Our neighbours called to find out the cause of the explosion since they were elderly and couldn’t come over. Mom informed them our heating and a/c machine had blown up. All of us didn’t have a choice but to call the heating and a/c repair company for assistance. It was late at night and too cold to spend the time without any kind of heating. Mom informed the professionals over the phone what had happened and instructed them to come with a new quality heating and a/c. The Ac experts got to the house a little while later and took apart the remaining bits of the faulty AC system. They checked it and found out there was a problem with the electrical system which had resulted in the loud bang. The AC experts went to work setting up the new AC, which would save us from the extreme winter. This would cost our parents more money, however we were lucky enough to get such speedy repair from the heating and a/c repair supplier. They checked the electrical wiring of the new machine before turning it on to warm our home.

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