Zendaya upgraded the aging heat pump at the farm

Zendaya and her sisters are quite close.

They grew up in the country, and often they had to spend time with each other when doing chores on the farm.

Later, they each went to college, and opted to live in the city. Their parents did still have the farm, but it seemed none of them wanted to inherit it. So, they were considering selling it, and relocating to a retirement home. In 2020, Zendaya chose to go home and be with her folks a bit after losing her job. She didn’t want to pay rent for an apartment yet she was out of work. Her folks were happy to have her there. And they even joked she might stay forever if she wanted to. Zendeya’s sister connected her with some freelance work to write 1000 word blogs for heating and cooling companies. She ended up liking the work so much that she opted not to return to her hotel management job if the hospitality industry ever recovered. Well, that’s how Zendaya ended up taking over the farm and it made her parents so happy. She actually thrived in this place she’d run away from when she went to college. The animals and the landscape spoke to her, and made her HVAC writing gig prosperous. Zendaya also started taking some produce to the farmer’s market when they reopened and this was additional income for the farm. Apart from the work she got from the content mill company, Zendaya also got some direct HVAC clients, and this meant she was earning more. She did some renovations to the farm house last year, including upgrading the aging heat pump her parents owned.

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