Living in a new place with a nice HVAC system

Well, every one of us finally did it.

The dream of absolutely residing in our preferred trip endpoint is actually a reality.

This is something that every one of us have wanted to happen for the longest time. And bit by bit, every one of us finally were able to make it happen. My family and I were born and raised in the North. While it was a great locale to grow up and to live, every one of us were not Winter people. Instead of being stuck inside the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C warmth of a household, every one of us wanted to be able to get out and do all kinds of stuff. We started going to a locale in the South for 2 weeks in the cold season every year. Then, it just dawned on us that every one of us could make that 2 week stay a permanent stay if every one of us legitimately wanted to. So every one of us decided that whoever could get a job or a convey to the southern region every one of us appreciated so much, the others would just go along. Interestingly, every one of us landed new jobs and are now in the South full time. Now, every one of us is free of the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C heating and the oil furnace and the snow. However, I am reading about our new Heating, Ventilation, and A/C device, the heat pump. It’s legitimately amazing just how well it cools a household. And believe me, what every one of us traded in chilly weather every one of us got back with plenty of heat & humidity. So a fantastic heat pump is something that all the people down here regularly depends on to get through the hot season. I suppose that I was pleasantly surprised by how efficient our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C cooling was. We were disciplined with the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C setting and pulled the curtains during the afternoon in order to beat back the direct sunshine heating. It didn’t take all that long to legitimately help the heat pump cool efficiently and thus save on Heating, Ventilation, and A/C utility expenses.

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New horizons come with new HVAC method

Well, we finally did it. The dream of actually living in our favorite vacation destination is finally a reality. This is something that we have wanted to happen for a very long time. And bit by bit, we finally were able to make it happen. My wife and I were born and raised in the north. While it was a great place to grow up and to live, we were both not winter people. Instead of being stuck inside the HVAC warmth of a house, we wanted to be able to get out and do stuff. We started going to a place in the south for 2 weeks in the winter every year. Then, it just dawned on us that we could make that 2 week stay a permanent one if we really wanted to. So we both decided that whoever could get a job or a transfer to the southern region we loved so much, the other would just go along. Interestingly, we both landed new jobs and are now in the south full time. Now, we are free of the HVAC heating and the furnace and the snow. However, I am learning about our new HVAC method, the heat pump. It’s really remarkable just how well it cools a house. And believe me, what we traded in cold weather we got back with plenty of heat & humidity. So a good heat pump is something that everyone down here relies on to get through the summer months. I know that I was pleasantly surprised by how efficient our HVAC cooling was. We were disciplined with the HVAC setting and pulled the curtains during the day in order to beat back the direct sun heating. It didn’t take much to really help the heat pump cool efficiently and thus save on HVAC utility costs.



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Him being cheap is a problem

My boyfriend Steve has a lot of wonderful qualities, his worst is how cheap he is.

The guy won’t spend a dime even if it is necessary. I tried pushing early on in the relationship to split costs and get him to pitch in when necessary. It is such a fight though. Steve also gets upset if he goes outside of his really small budget that he sets for himself. I mainly buy everything that is needed in the home. It makes for a happier relationship. I do all the grocery shopping, buy new appliances and technology for the home. I also handle car oil changes, tire rotations and I even get our blacktop redone every few years. Recently our HVAC system has been making noises like it is going to die. I have looked around online for possible replacement options. I really want to do a ductless HVAC unit and have zone control in the house. I want every room to have its own indoor air handler and thermostat. It is said to be very energy efficient. I can have AC in the kitchen and it won’t affect Steve’s heating in the office. I also can adjust to having heavy heat when I sleep at night and he can have AC. It really would be convenient. The price tag is quite hefty on this one. I really would like some financial help. I know my boyfriend will go nuts over splitting it in half. He will want to just keep the slowly dying system or buy a crappy, small HVAC unit instead. I might need to foot that huge bill.


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The system was too smart for me

I recently house sat for my brother Kevin and it was awesome and awful at the same time. It was awesome because my brother has a totally sweet house. His home is huge with a big inground swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and lounge area. He also has a separate workout room with a treadmill, sit down bike, weight bench and yoga mats. The best is the state of the art kitchen with all new appliances, marble countertops and a huge farmhouse sink. The awful part is that my brother is really into staying up to date with technology. Everything he owns is a smart product. He has his indoor and outdoor lights all on a timer. He has his pool heater and cleaning on a timer as well. Also, controlled from the same smart pad is security cameras, door locks and window locks. A recent add on was a smart HVAC system. My brother now has heating, cooling and air quality adjustments to make on his smart pad. He has a whole weekly program of what HVAC setting is happening in what specific room. When I house sat for him, I think my brother wanted me to be comfortable. He upped the cooling function in the whole house. It was freezing cold and I didn’t know how to change it. The last thing I wanted to do was possibly turn off security cameras or stop his pool cleaning. So I just froze the entire time or hung outside his house. I felt too stupid to operate the smart system.

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Bought new HVAC for my cat

I got a new smart thermostat tacked onto the bill as well

I recently invested in a ton of money on a new HVAC system and I blame my cat. My sweet kitty is extremely skittish. Certain noises just freak him out. I can’t spray cleaning products or cooking spray on a pan because the sound scares him. If I tear aluminum foil he goes still like I might murder him. The worst was the HVAC clicking on and off. When the HVAC would click it was super loud and the air would blow out very violently. It startled me the first few times it did it. I thought my cat would get used to the noise but didn’t. He started hiding anytime the HVAC was on and I knew I couldn’t get going like this. I called up a local HVAC company to do some service. I figured a little cleaning and the system would be okay. Turns out my HVAC was on its last legs. The HVAC contractor said he could just clean it and let me use it until it dies. I would only get about another year of life out of it. I thought about my cat and decided to upgrade to a bigger, better and more modern system. It ended up costing me a fortune. I got a geothermal heat pump system that had a huge upfront cost. I got a new smart thermostat tacked onto the bill as well. I just about died when I saw the invoice. Now that I own the new system, it is really awesome that it is quiet and energy efficient. My cat sleeps right through it turning on and off now.


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Adding ductless HVAC to the shed

I have a backyard shed that serves as my workout facility.

I do a gymnastic based workout everyday. I used to take classes when I was in high school and even during my college years, now I am on my own. I am not training for anything serious, just for fun. Tumbling is a great all over body workout and I like having fitness goals and working towards them. With tumbling though, the temperature in my shed is very important. In the summer it is not usual for the weather to get in the upper 90s. That is just way too hot to tumble. If I get that hot, I start to sweat and my hands and feet get slick. I couldn’t do aerial cartwheels because when I launch and attempt to land on one foot, I slide all over the place. Being too cold is almost worse though. If I am cold, I have trouble stretching and getting my muscles warm. I can’t do walkovers or back handsprings because my bridge won’t stretch out. Frequently I will injure myself on cold days because I just push through. The smartest thing I ever did was get a ductless mini split for my space. I have both heating and cooling power and can control the thermostat right from my phone. I now don’t experience sweltering or freezing temperatures. I make sure to either preheat or pre-cool my space on very severe weather days. Most of the time, quick thermostat adjustment is all I need to work out comfortably.


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Outdoor running is very different

When my buddy Dani wanted to run a marathon together I immediately said yes and began training.

Thank goodness I didn’t officially sign up or boast to my friend about how easy the run would be. I actually thought it would be a cake walk. Well I run everyday at my local gym on the treadmill. I have my special running outfit, a full water bottle and access to a bathroom, shower and AC system the whole time. Thankfully I decided to try some outdoor running since marathons are not done on treadmills. I quickly realized running on a smooth track with no hills is very different. Outside running is awful. First, I can’t carry water with me unless I want to wear it on my back. Second, the terrain slopes, slants and has potholes. I also worry about dogs chasing me, scary men on my side of the street or getting run over by a car. I couldn’t mentally get in the zone and physically it was awful. The lack of cooling really killed me too. I take the treadmill closest to the door at the gym. I realized that I am directly underneath an air vent leading to the air conditioning system. For my entire run I have AC just dumping on my head. It keeps me from getting too sweaty, swollen and fatigued. Being outside in the heat meant I was getting side cramps, sweat pouring down my face and crotch sweat. I had to make up an excuse to my friend about why I was unavailable on the marathon day.

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I waited too long on service

Due to COVID, tons of businesses are shut down or no longer doing in person visits.

What stinks is that I was social distancing and not calling for services because I thought it would be temporary.

Now that everything is shut down, I am desperate for a few things. I really need to get my haircut and no salon is open. I want to get a plug added to my bedroom and a light switch removed but my electrician is taking this month off. The worst is that my HVAC system really needs a repair. For a while it had made a low humming noise that has slowly just gotten louder overtime. Now my HVAC system decides when it feels like operating. It is not that unusual for me to wake up freezing cold because my system no longer feels like heating. I have cleaned it, changed the air filter and made promises that heating service is soon. My system is pretty soon not going to believe me. Most HVAC dealers are not doing in person appointments. That means I could buy a new system or have accessories shipped to my home. I don’t need that at all. I have been trying to find one company that will do a service appointment and I found a place that does virtual consultations. I can facetime on my ipad with a HVAC technician and show him the issues. He can tell me what’s wrong and what the repair will be. The guy won’t come to make the repair though, so what is the point?

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Sometimes online shopping doesn’t work

I love online shopping way more than going in person.

I like that I can wear pjs, have my hair in a knot and not put on makeup.

Nobody can see me and I can spend hours researching and hemming and hawing over a purchase. I rarely make a purchase that I am bummed about. When I am in person, I feel obligated to buy. If a salesperson puts in the effort, I feel I have to reward them. That is how I end up with jeans that fall down my butt, shoes that look like an old womans and a chair in my office that doesn’t match anything else. There are certain things that are difficult to get right when you buy online. I am typically pretty careful when the size of the object matters. I have lucked out getting properly sized rugs, pots and even grocery items. Recently I have been messing up buying air filters for my HVAC system. For some reason I just can’t get this right. For my first attempt, I didn’t even consider sizing. I looked up my HVAC model and what type of air filter I should get. I then bought the cheapest one. Well I bought a baby sized air filter that didn’t fit in my system. Next time I got the perfect measurements and then realized I got the wrong type. The third time I accidentally bought a washable filter and that was horrible. Finally I have purchased the right air filter, but it took way longer and more money when I could have gotten it right in person.



I watch over my air quality

Air quality is something I never thought about until I became a homeowner. I used to think it referred to the temperature of the air. You can have heated or cooled air quality. Actually, your indoor air quality is measuring the moisture and how clean it is. I have found that I am really sensitive to poor indoor air conditions. I own both a humidifier and dehumidifier. I feel super weak and geeky, but I need the systems and I just love them. In the winter having a humidifier pair with my heating system is great. I can set my heater a little lower because when the air feels more moist, it feels warmer. I don’t have to deal with static cling, chapped lips or bloody noses anymore. I also feel less sick in the wintertime when it is warm and moist. In the summer, removing the moisture from the home means less bugs, mold and bacteria forming. I also don’t break out as often or have issues with my furniture swelling. On top of controlling the moisture, I also use an air purification system to keep things clean. Having clean indoor air quality is important for your health. They say to seal up your home and keep it airtight. That means the same pollutants are circulating around in the home. Did you know the indoor air is always more polluted than outside? I use an air cleaner to freshen my air quality and move dust, smells and dirt. I get sick less often, experience fewer headaches and I have more energy during the day.

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